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Startuplocation is a way to get to know startups in your city.

We love startups. Especially, we love to hang out with fun creators, hackers and innovators. People like ourselves. Since keeping track of the ever-changing startup scene can be difficult, we created this site.

Startuplocation gives you the location of startups in town, complete with a quick introduction. And thanks to Twitter you can see what the local startups are chatting about. If the conversation is interesting, join in.

We hope that this site can help strengthen the local startup community. We think startups should hang out more, to exchange ideas and share stories, both formally and informally. That's how we create a vibrant community.

Initially this is an initiative for Stockholm, Sweden. If you dig it, we will expand the map to a few other cites.

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In order to make Startuplocation as relevant as possible we've decided that at least one full time employee is required to count as a startup.

If you have something cooking but aren't able to do it full time yet, you can select Up and coming in the type field and you'll soon be featured on the site.

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